Monday, July 6, 2009

Subtle Reminder

I just got home from working 14 hours and 25 minutes at Taco Mac.

I was what the restaurant industry calls a double late, meaning I come in at 9:50am and don't leave until the earliest midnight.

This is how the "late" shift goes:

There's normally only 4 lates manning the entire restaurant after the volume shifts get cut (cut is lingo for "get to go home"). We have duties that we usually tackle and try to get done as quickly as possible. Mine was to sweep the entire dining room, which is a lot easier said than done. I literally broke a sweat and it took me over 45 minutes. When I asked from help from a couple of the other lates they told me they had already done their work and they were out.. except I think I guilt tripped one into helping me sweep for 5 minutes. I didn't think the job could get any harder.

The only reason I'm working so much and such long hours is to save up money for my Uncle's lexus. And all I could help but think to myself was damn, "is this really worth it?" I left the resturant at 12:05am and was on my way to the bank to deposit the money. (I can't keep cash on me or I'll spend it) I kept on reminding myself of the tedious jobs I was having to complete to get this damn car.... and it was agonizing. Then this car pulls up next to me, the only other car on the street with me. I glance at it for a sec and sure enough it was the model of the lexus my Uncle owns, just in a different color. Isn't it funny how a little light sets you back on track to success? God works in funny ways, even if it's only to inspire someone to continue on with their dreams.

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