Thursday, July 2, 2009

Odd Combo

Sooo, I was leaving Apache after Tru Skool on Tuesday and this homeless person approaches me. I really dont think anything of it, I'm use to it by now. But this guy was younger, maybe like 17-18. He came up to me saying, "ma'am do you work inside there?" (referencing Apache) And I told him no.. then he asked me if I could go back in and buy him a soda and some chips because he hasnt eaten in 3 days.
Now normally I tell homless people I dont have cash.. or not this time... but this guy got to me. I told him might have some quaters in the car if he wanted it. I've never seen someone so happy. He told me that the lady who owns the Chicken Wing resturant around the corner told him that if he could come up with $3 then she would give him the $10 meal. I only had $2.75, but at least it was something. As he thanked me, he then asked if I wanted whatever was left in my Chickfila cup. I was thinking to myself hot damn this kid is really hungry. So of course I gave it to him.

Sometimes I really dont know how to feel about those situations. This kid obviously was bright and had a way of talking to people. If only he was in school, maybe even soon he would be off to college making his future looking blindingly bright. I really wish I could have helped him more. If I see him again I'm going to take him to get something to eat.

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  1. man zuppo thats never happened to me b4.
    at least u know that he really appreciated it vs. the ones that cuss u out by apache when u cant give them anything lol
    I hope he is safe!