Thursday, July 16, 2009

Show After Show Baby!!

This past Tuesday was VERY eventful for me.

1. I met the Oz (@obanga) at the studio to take him out to my stores I've been promoting to. I got to give him the tour of Memorial Drive over in Stone Mountain. We went to Music World where Oz didn't even realized he witnessed 5 drug deals go down. Then we went to Notorious Tattoos, where I tried to convince him to get a matching tattoo with me (which was a FAIL). Afterwards I showed him a trap house that actually has a beautifully furnished studio inside. Amongst all of this excitement I manged to loss my cell phone (this isn't the first time I've lost my phone in his presence). After retracing our steps and visiting the Notorious Tattoo to see if I left it there, I finally found it in the side compartment of my car. On the way back, Oz found my PIMP Chain in the center console of my car and proclaimed me the Gangsta Social Butterfly of the East Side. Amen.

2. Next up was Dinner at ENO and The Fox for Legally Blonde. At ENO I had the most delicious Smoked Chicken Breast with the freshest squash and zucchini mixture beneath it. The food was outstanding, but the service could use some work. At The Fox, the male gender was definitely considered a minority. The audience was full of females. The show in itself was bright, pink, and chipper. It was cute all and all. But as soon as it was over I DASHED out the door to hit up the next event of the evening.

3. NEXT is my favorite part... HARRY POTTER!!!!!!! I am OBSESSED with Harry Potter. Have all the books, seen all the movies. Harry Potter owns me. I got to see it with my best friend (@eeayelle) who is as crazy as me when it comes to Harry! I copy and pasted my tweets that I tweeted before and after the movie.

"Yo its 14 minutes until Harry Potter. I'm about to pee my pants I'm so excited.

11:47 PM Jul 14th from txt"

"They're dimming the lights. I don't even think I'm gonna be this excited on my wedding day.

12:06 AM Jul 15th from txt"

"I openly will admit I am Harry Potters bitch.

12:13 AM Jul 15th from txt"

"#truth I'm not really attracted to white guys, but Harry Potter makes my heart jump everytime

1:09 AM Jul 15th from txt"

"Just got outta the Harry Potter movie. It got me ballin like a baby.

2:49 AM Jul 15th from txt"

I couldn't sit still before the movie started, so I decided to go talk to some people. I soon found out that Ron is actually African American, not white:

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